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Who I Am,

I believe that as human beings, we are constantly evolving and that our lives are filled with both surprises and blessings.

Who we are in the present is a tribute to who we were in the past.

I honor my personal and professional background, as it has led me to where I am today. It is the key that helps me find my own balance, and allows me to grow authentically.

I built a fulfilling career taking on marketing and public relations roles for several organizations in the finance and consultancy industries. Through these experiences, I am skilled in leading teams in the demanding context of an international environment.

I have had the responsibility to coach and mentor team members, bringing out the best in them so they can thrive professionally. I dealt with the challenges of change management programs and working within a global matrixed environment on a daily basis.

I left the corporate world to study the other side of the spectrum and immerse myself into teachings focused on mental and physical well-being. With my practical experience in both business and health, I bring a unique combination and balance to my coaching approach.

Consult full details on my formal training and professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Alexandra Ortiz at European Union

My Journey

Alexandra Ortiz sitting outside

My Roots

I was raised in an unconventional, mixed-race family and have been exposed to many different cultures and customs throughout my life.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a clearly defined life path, something which is so often subtlety instilled in us through traditions and customs.

I do not conform to expectations and have learned from my own experience how to shape my own path and to walk it as well.

My upbringing has taught me to approach every situation without judgement, but with openness, empathy, and curiosity.

At home, I am a devoted partner to my husband, loving bonus-Mom to two now grown-up ‘children’, and enthusiastic dog-Mom of Noah, my Australian Cobberdog.

Some might say that I am addicted to learning. Over the past years, I have obtained certificates in Sophrology, Feng Shui, Mindfulness for Children, Komyo ReikiDo, and in Canine Behavior.

Max and the Rainbow: I wrote a children’s book in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish to teach kids about breathwork through the seven chakras.

My enthusiasm for well-being remains… I run a practice for Reiki, Meditation, and Intuitive Energy healing called Let Your

I enjoy being active and take long walks with my dog, and on the golf course. Traveling, reading and photography are my favorite sources of inspiration.

Alexandra Ortiz in nature with dog

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