My coaching experience with Alexandra was extraordinary!

She has a very structured, containing approach which helped me organise my thoughts and feelings and see things more clearly.

She was also incredibly intuitive and seemed to know what to say in the exactly right moments. It felt as if she was shining a light on emerging understandings and truths that gave me a sense of upliftment and inspiration.

I always left my sessions feeling closer to myself and my own wisdom and capabilities. I noticed changes happen in my life almost magically at times! I left with a sense of a concrete plan and a clear way to move forward as well as a sense of things unfolding in new and exciting ways.

She was able to mirror things back to me that helped me understand myself better and she got me out of my head in to my body.

I am so very thankful to her and recommend to anyone who is looking for support, inspiration and success in any endeavour!